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    Best Silicone Baking Mat


    While preparing our favorite treats like cookies (or any baked good), we oftentimes end up with messy parchment papers or sticky pans that are hard to clean. What could be the best way to avoid food sticking or discoloration and have a non-stick baking surface?

    Add a Silicone baking mat to your baking accessories for a better baking experience. Silicone baking mats will completely change the baking game for you. It eliminates the need for parchment papers, aluminum foil and cooking sprays.

    The best baking mats are made from food-grade, sustainable and non-stick silicone that keeps the baking pan clean or very easy to wash. Let’s see what a silicone mat is and why it is better than other baking surfaces. Read on to find more, including where you can buy the best silicone baking mat!

    Silicone Baking Mat

    A non-stick baking mat, made of high-quality, fiberglass or food-grade silicone provides a non-stick baking surface to the baking surface to prevent sticking. The silicone mat is best for sticky or messy mixtures because of its non-stick properties. Silicone mats are available in different sizes and shapes so that they can fit properly in your baking pans. 

    If you have to do a lot of cooking with sugar or caramel, you need a food-grade silicone baking mat. You can also make savory foods like chicken or fish using a silicone mat. These mats are easy to clean as compared to cleaning a baking sheet with hard-set residue. 

    How to use a silicone baking mat?

    This baking mat is really easy to use.  Whether you are kneading dough, baking a cake or baking cookies, you can use them. While baking cookies, lay the silicone mat flat on the cookie sheet and use a non-stick spray before placing the cookies over the mat. The cookies will fit properly over the silicone mat, giving them a delicate non-stick crust. 

    You can also use a silicone mat on your work surface. If you plan to roll cookie dough or kneading bread, place the silicone baking mat on a countertop. In this way, you can prevent the countertop from being messy and save flavor for your mixture. 


    Why Is Silicone Baking Mat Better?

    You can reuse your Silicone baking mat for an unlimited number of times as compared to parchment papers. They will easily fit into your baking sheets without any wear and tear. The flat surface will give your cookies a perfect appearance compared to parchment papers containing curled or creased surface. The silicone mat is ideal when you are working with caramel or melted chocolate or sticky dough.

    Here are some other reasons that make silicon mat better than other cooking sheets.

    1. The silicone mat is Easy to Clean.

    Since a silicone baking mat doesn't let the dough stick over it, it is easy to wash. No soaking, scrubbing or other cleaning hassles required.  All you need is water and soap.  You do not have to hang them or lay them to dry. You will love them when  baking something messy like buttery or sugary.

    1. Less browning and burning:

    There will be less browning and burning on the bottom of goods if you use a silicone mat. Silicone baking mat is suitable for baking fish because you don't have to worry about the fish tearing or sticking to the bottom while flipping it.   

    1. Fewer Cookie Sheets

    When you are cooking batches of cookies, you need more baking sheets like 4 to 6. But with Silicone baking mat, two silicone sheets are enough for one oven. You will be laying out the cookies on one mat while your other baking mat will be in the range. It will take less space in your counter, roll them up to store anywhere.

    Silicone Baking Mat vs. Parchment Paper:

    Let's compare the silicone mat with parchment paper to understand better.

    Silicone baking mat

    Parchment paper


    Not reusable.

    Eco-friendly and cost-saving

    Used to protect baking sheets.

    Non-stick and less messy

    Can cause a mess and lots of oiling and greasing.

    Comes with different shape and size to fit appropriately, i.e. no wear and tear.

    Irregular shape and chances of wear and tear.


    Best Silicone Baking Mat:

    Now you might be wondering from where to buy top-notch silicone baking mat. Let us help you buy the best silicone baking mat that you can order online. That is none other than husMait’s Silicone Baking Mat. You can use it not only for a baking purpose but also for rolling dough, pizza dough, pastry dough and much more.

    Why should you prefer this baking mat?

    • husMait’s Silicone Baking Mat is designed to handle cold and hot food before and after the baking.
    • Heat resistance up to 210 degrees Celsius.
    • It comes with a rolling design that allows easy storage.
    • Non-stick and easily washable.
    • Fits perfectly in 17” x 12” baking sheet.



    You will love this silicone baking mat, especially if you are working with any sticky glaze. The silicone mat is slightly heavy and sticky which enables them to adhere to your baking sheets much better than parchment papers.  Always choose the best silicone baking mat and be aware of the silicone baking mat made out of ordinary silica gel. So what else are you waiting for? Check our site for incredible offers and discounts.