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    Articles and Recipes — cleaning brushes

    Spotlight on Cleaning Brushes With Style

    Spotlight on Cleaning Brushes With Style

    Today's spotlight is on our Bottle Brush with extra long wooden handles and strong bristles. The extra-long handle allows effective cleaning of deep containers such as coffee maker reservoirs or humidifiers, large water flasks, water bottles, and to-go cups with lids.

    The naturally soft, dense bristles are delicate, yet effective in cleaning and are positioned to scrub at all angles. It is suitable for any surface - plastic, metal, or glass. The bristles are flexible enough to reach into right angles of straight edges containers, and into small necked insulated bottles, and are superb for cleaning your to-go cups.

    The bristles can be targeted into small crevices such as the insides of complicated lids, such as Contingo brand lids, or mouthpieces of to-go cups or flip-top lids, and the bristles reach into lid threads.

    Other uses for this well-designed brush are the inside of muffin tins, Bundt pans, food processor containers and their food shoots, blender jugs, as well as camelback-type water bladders.
    The natural wooden handle and bristles dry quickly and thoroughly. Simply clean food residue off the bristles with clear hot water. Shake the excess water from the brush and leave it in the open to air dry.

    The natural beauty of this brush is a perfect accent to any kitchen decor.

    Drop by our Instagram account post of July 27, 2021 to see this brush in action. 

    Sending warm wishes to your home,
    from the husMait home kitchen.